Saturday, July 9, 2011

an farewell speech .................

Exam was over head, preparation for the final exam was at the full swing and it was like we don’t even have time to think something else. But one would go away before thanking our teachers , and friends who has been our family in last three years of our college life, and as we decided we has an small gathering with our teachers. All teachers who taught us for last years were invited. ..
And here is record of the farewell speech …
Good evening…
Well ! i stand here before you all because today if I stay hiding myself behind my friends as I have been doing for last three years than I would defiantly regret in future and would hate myself and my inability to speak out my heart.
Well this journey begins three years ago when I join college in the month of July. It was like dreams come true for me as I always dream of studying in sherubtse.
Well when i qualified for the sherubtse, my parents were most happy one, and I still remember my dad saying to me, when I graduate my marks should be extremely good as what account is marks all the way.
But I don’t know how my three years came to an end now, I hardly remember how time went here and how my three years came to an end.
And now when I stand with few days of my college days I don’t, whether i am content with my self or i am regretting. But what so ever the fact that is set before me is that I am going away soon. And I want to confess something today, as she call for all her teacher’s name, and she started…
I was never a punctual in class and was the last bencher.
Ya honestly some where I am regretting for I am not going home with that 70% or 80% but what I am content is with the fact that as I am going away i am going away as the change person, a much better person than before. I know it will dishearten my parents to know their daughter is not the academies topper but I know deep within my heart they will be happy to find, who I am today
And all those confidences that is found within me is all because of you all teachers and friends.
Because for you unconditional love and careI was able to over come all the challenges that I face here…anything was possible for me here.
and i am going away with lots of love my heart
i love u al my dear teachers..