Friday, October 21, 2011

Never give up!

Life is game
Play it to your fullest
For you can only win it or lose it
Yes! Success is life best crown
But as you lose …
You learn to stand in better position as you stand up tomorrow
But …for you should never give up

As you will see the rising sun
So you have to face the sinking it
As you cheer up with bright ray
So toy have to smile with dark rays
But remember both are beautiful in its own ways
For you should never give up.

Yes you may loss today
But today is not the end of day
For tomorrow might be eagerly waiting
To embrace you in its warmth of success
For you should never give up

As a child falls several times
To walk better tomorrow
So as you fall today
Tomorrow as you achieve your success
You will value it more than you would had yesterday
And happiness you receive is beautiful
Just beautiful…priceless….
For you should never give up

Remember life is not the bed of roses
Yet it’s a beautiful garden
With memories of both sweet and bitter…
Yes one should never give up...


  1. A great poem, Bunu. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. thanks mam...and wish u also great weekend ahead...:)

  3. Really a profound poem. Lovely poem with lovely meaning...i too learnt to never give up in my life...m inspired...keep posting..:D