Monday, October 31, 2011

Unlimited desirable hobby

What is your hobby? Is the most common question somebody asks you when you are in your primary classes, and reading the fairy tales, watching cartoons and so many are the common answer kids the age reply and same was my answer when I was in my primary school. But the trend of hobby changes as you grow up and experiences different things in life. And at the one time your hobby will be shopping, watching movie, reading novels, hanging out with friends and etc…etc.

Well same was with me also, my hobby was never extra ordinary, what I liked most was reading books, and of-course cooking may be that make me grow my size vertical. I read all kinds of books, from the time I remember my room used to be flooded was twinkles, and latter with magazine and soon with novels ranging from most romantic ones like Mills and Bones which always used to leave me flooded with shading tears or like The Dannie Steel, Nichols Spark and many in list. At the time I used to forget to take my meals as I use to be so engrossed in the character, the story in the story book and painful suffering of character. I used to cry, laugh; feel irritated and finally closed the last page with smile and lines to feel like turning again and again.

But nothing remains permanent and with time everything changes. And as I grew up my likes to read books varied. And I start experimenting with different types of books, once twinkle and those fairy tales used to leave in amazed but now it’s no more of any amusement. Back in college studying literature was of interesting part of my studies. Reading the tragic drama to the comedy was a wide knowledge I could have earn all my life. And experimenting with different poets and their way of writing was another blessing for me. Now I feel I have lived with them through the times of Canterbury tales to the books which talk about the freedom struggle of a nation.

But book, are always has been my best friend. No matter what, it has always stood by my side, through my smiles and tears. And I am glad it will never leave me alone…

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