Monday, October 31, 2011

Waiting is never too long…for loving hearts…

Pema was to leave next day
and the day that was to follow
The silent street of Paro would
Represent only one thing
To her
The hope for his return

From the day on,
It was the far and wide
Over which he had disappeared
Would be important,
She would look to it everyday

She would try to guess,
His health and pain
And plans
He would be following to achieve
The victory
And as night fall silent
She would kiss the wind
Hoping that it
Would blow by his face
And would tell him
She is alive
And was waiting for him

And now there was no more that
Longing for him
But hope in her dark eyes burning as
Brightly as those stars
Above them
Which they shared from the far distances

She till read through the letter
He had wrote on a day of his leaving?
“…one is loved because one is loved,
No reason is needed for loving…”
And I will be back for
I still have to love you…


  1. Yeah! The longer you wait the better you will get....

  2. yes ur right but gues here i wanted to write somethings else but somethings else came out...anyway thanks for ur comment..:)