Monday, November 7, 2011

ending...'life a full circle..."

A man comes with the cry,

And grows up to a person,

Like the rising sun from the east,

and marking its way to touch the horizon in the west.

He walks, a line chalked by the God

like the sun following its orbit

Uncertain of what comes next,

He goes on living every season of life.

He trods all day and night

With the beaitiful dreams in his eyes

He dances with the music of the star

And laugh in the night of moon.

He over comes every hurdles of

Life with a smile and

Celebrates every success

With word "thanks" to God.

He lives every color of life

To his best part,

And sings all songs of life

From his heart.

But when day falls apart

And life goes away

he closes his eyes

With beautiful part of life.

He smile through the tears

And wishper unheard to man

Just for the almighty above

And than many says...

That ...that

That his end in the

Dark night...


  1. Nice post! This story is suitably similar to mine. Keep posting

  2. hey a very beautiful poem. I would continue reading but but sadly the lines ended :)

  3. wonderful......its the sweetest thing i ever read in your blog...:)

  4. Nice post...

    I like the metaphor you used "Like the rising sun from the east,and marking its way to touch the horizon in the west."

  5. Its such a lovely poem, Bunu. I love the images your words created in my mind.

  6. Sir Rikku thanks for your comment and i am glad my thought were actually living in somebody...

    Lotey Om thanks for reading my blog...and i too wish i could make you read on and on but i had to stop

    hey Sogyel... thanks buddy...i am glad you liked it...

    Prem thanks for appreciating my little knowledge of Literature ...

    Mam Rachna thanks a lots, you always help me drive out the person in me which really wants to write but can't...thanks a lots....

  7. if a word to describe it, it is "Marvelous!!!"
    if not mistaken...u r a inborn poet...
    loved the facilities of words and profundity of meaning...