Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winning through the dEFEAT

nothing is impossible for the heart which is determined to achieve what he dearly desired…
“Victory is not a one – time achievements it’s a habit”…this lines goes down to the person I came across during my final year in college. He was as simple as any other student in college but in his simple way of life lid the great potential to fight through his obstacles. As the leader, from his schooling to college, Tenzin, had never thought, he would ever experience or would face the ugly truth called “defeat”. College, where hundreds joins to accomplish their dreams and Tenzin was one such student who joined College with great aspiration to be a leader, a leader of self. But all his dreams got shattered when he lost the College election. It came as the thundered that moved all the people on floor of auditorium, who were there to witness the election. History had changed its course and change was made. Most shocking things were that it was happening for the first time in the history. One who put blame over his fate or would ask “why me” but despite all those unexpected circumstances rising up, he was wearing up the smiles as he do always. It was unexpected and ugly truth of Tenzin’s life. The moment I saw him, I could feel the pain in his eyes, it was so painful that it seem it would blast out anytime, though he was trying hard to smile, to hold back all his tears.
Alas! I stood there that day helpless. I had nothing that I could do. Life was never meant to a hold on there, his journey yet to beginning. “It is always not necessary to clutch on the position to serve my teacher, institute and mates, I am a dreamer and keep in ability to make my dreams my perseverance” Tenzin remarked with sigh and vague smile on his face very next day talking to his friends.
Few days later I met him for a coffee and he looked perfectly fine, honestly that was a relief for me. “If you know exactly what you want and is not afraid of breaking few eggs if you want an omelet” Tenzin said with smile this times as we drunk our last sip of coffee. With his this defeat, though to many his dreams seem falling apart but to the undefeatable heart that he possessed, it seem already planning and dreaming more. As he pointed his interest to sever college and authority in other mean. And the fact was that, his defeat would not stop him from dreaming, and with this blend and folds of life he headed towards more aspiring future. That evening as I sat on my study table with my diary, the first lines my pen link down was, “Failure is but the pillar of success, to learn from our failure is to achieve success. Never to have failed is never to have own. Unless we experience failure and its bitterness, we would never appreciate the sweetness of victory. It becomes merely a turn and events that is of little or of no interest. Failure not only helps us to succeed, they make us energetic, enthusiastic and rich in experiences but I think we needed that to value our success in future”.
He was never stopping then, with beginning of new session, student had many things to look up for, new activities with many new hopes and aspiration to help its locality and country as the whole. With trounce of Tenzin many things changed in the College, all believes now and most of all its sincere approach of Tenzin that made all the changes. It mean a lot to win through failure, and I knew that it was not easy for him also…now I understand what life means, sometime we have to stand when sanding isn’t easy…because its only you who know best in you and what you can make out of it…though he lost the election and he never lost the battle life against hardship and accomplishing his dream in life made his real winner...and today I am living his life partly and deep down inside I know that someday I will also win the battle of my life…with that thought I smile through my tears in every hard day of my life journey…


  1. :)) feels like you understood the language of my heart, you did it, actually i felt like to request you change the colour of the previous blog because post n the background had same color..but you did it yourself and it looks very good...hehehe..

    “If you know exactly what you want and is not afraid of breaking few eggs if you want an omelet” i fell in love with this sentence among abundant beautifully craved sentences...Can see beauty in ur language and in expression, and somewards knew that writers can best write the truth...beautiful!!
    and yeah Azim keep going in ur life...every disturbing stones in river becomes stepping stones during the flood. My wishes for triumphant victory over battle with life is always there as long as whispering breeze hovers around you...:))

  2. thanks a lots of lovely words...life is as simple as u say ... "disturbing stone in river becomes your stepping stone in flood...."..thanks...

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  4. Nice...And heart touching write up..
    Keep on, hai!

    In the Journey of Our Life we human being will face face lot many challenges and obstacles to fulfill our inner Jewel of heart... But buddy never feel disheartened when failure comes, it is just stepping steps to success...

    Rather we have to strengthen our heart, making all wealth of our dreams... We will win the victory of Our Life. We have to be willing to decipher the good even in the worst of the times. Life is what we make out of it.

    Besides these we have to believe and have faith in yourself...cus Life will give you back everything you have given to it.

    Thank you -:)

  5. Thanks Prem, for giving me so many beautiful words... n yes you are very right...what life takes from us , gives us with more surprise and wonderful moments...
    thanks a lot once again...