Friday, August 19, 2011

The view of Royal Wedding from my little sister

My king ‘Jigme Kesar Namgya Wangchuck’
Is most humble and kind person
We all love our king
From heart and soul
My heart is filled with respect and love for him
And what now makes all Bhutanese glad today
Is our king wedding?
The most waited moment in the life of all Bhutanese
Is finally at home
Our beloved king will marry
A queen Jetsun Pema now our Royal Bride
Now all that I can do
Is wish my king and queen
Long life, a life full of happiness and riches
I pray my king and queen is happy now and forever
Almighty above and people of Bhutan
Will bless, and fill this joys occasion with
All their pray and love for them
Drukyul is very peaceful and beautiful kingdom
Our kings and we all are happy
To me king is a light who lighten
Our life and guide us all the difficult way of life
I had him in my
Dream and always pray for
King, queen when I say goodnight
My king and queen is like flower to me
Which all bloom all day and night?
And fill our life with sweet fragrances
And wioth beautiful colors
And I wish to leave under his shades
All my life with smile and love
I love my king and queen
And wish all my pray today come true.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Life is Made as u WISH it to Makeup

There may be a days, when things aren’t will be the way you had wished should to be.

Life will be enclosed within your four wall

And you had hard to find your way out

That’s the time you have to belief on yourself

Your Hopes, Dreams, Happiness and Soul

And things will appear perfectly fine.

World is never pleasant either the people would be always,

Disappoint, cheat, disgrace, heart break would be thrown on your path

To let you down

Tear you apart

But those are the golden moments of your life

Trust me; trust yourself as you walk forward with belief on yourself

Head held high, faith to the fullest

And hopes alive, your struggle would be most wonderful journey of your life

And what will follow then will be the

Most lovely surprise in your life

Than as you would be passing the exam

Placed before you by Life

What comes than would be all yours, Experiences, Love and Success?

Time will come when you have to greater Challenges

Unexpected responsibilities,

Accept it with Smile and willing heart and belief that You can do,

And things will turn in your pleasure

Because your purpose comes true

There is change; you bring the smile back on people.

So belief on yourself you can make the change,

And all success will be your crown than……….


Is all you truly DESERVE my friend………

a Mixed bLeSSing...

A blessing, a gift
Of heaven can b in any form

A lovely parents, a beautfilful life partner

A responsible son, or a caring daughter.

i know i was never a gift to my love ones

But almighty above bless me whole heartly

I got wonderful parents, caring brother and sister.

Most beautiful gift i own now

Is beautiful person...

Who lives her life with her

Own rules...

Have a heart of gold

But when things are wrong

she would turn world up side down to make it pefect

Be it her life or her friend's life.

Meeting her in Sherubtse is one

Of wonderful things that happened to me...

Its was coincedence or my luck that

We met on that very first day...

Through many unknown faces

She found me...

Lost , afriad, and shy girl standing at the conner

Of building...

Now i just remember the wrod " HI " we exchange

But what followed than was magic,

That I was waiting to

Happen in my life...

She was indeed most wonderful gift

I had and have reciviced ...

And now through pages of my life

I find her part of all

Through Happiness, fun, smile & pain...she made my stay here most

Memoribale one...

When heart is full words are less..

So i stand here today...

Love u dear n thanks for all wonderful moments you have given to me...

And making my life not less than the fairy tale...:)

FOrgotten LovE

Standing at the edge of the road,

Glittering moon change my mood.

Now i wish i was the same agian,

So that i would escape this pain.

But only...only my forgotten love

Makes me mad with this pain.

Riding over the white sheep over the sky,

Dancing to the music of twinkling


Promising each other of immortal love,

We walked miles and miles on the path of


But only...only my gorgotten love

Makes me sick in this mist.

We preserved our love with

Beautiful dreams,

And bid goodbye with tears .

Flowing time never paid its way back,

Spring , Summer, Autuam and

Winter went by

Hours, days, weeks and month

Merged into a year.

But you never made your back

oh! A forgotten love, i lay upon

The pillow wet with the flow of pain down my eyes.

Now i am standing on the edge,

And sinking in the arms of horizon

Only ...only if you would have

Hold my hands.

i would have not closed my eyes.

You lost your way towards me

and now lives in far off land.

where i can't follow you with foot

Nor in dreams can i have you

For my lost dreams with you.

Yet i wish you were by

My side now with this golden smile...

But my long lost forgotten love

I searech You in that dark night...

All again in vain...

ending...'life a full circle...

A man comes with the cry,

And grows upto a person,

Like the rising sun from the east,

and marking its way to touch the horizon in the west.

He walks, a line chalked by the God

like the sun following its orbit

Uncertain of what comes next,

He goes on living every season of life.

He trods all day and night

With the beaitiful dreams in his eyes

He dances with the music of the star

And laugh in the night of moon.

He over comes every hurdles of

Life with a smile and

Celebrates every success

With word "thanks" to God.

He lives every color of life

To his best part,

And sings all songs of life

From his heart.

But when day falls apart

And life goes away

he closes his eyes

With beautiful part of life.

He smile through the tears

And wishper unheard to man

Just for the amighty above

And than many says...

That ...that

That his end in the

Dark night...