Sunday, August 14, 2011

Life is Made as u WISH it to Makeup

There may be a days, when things aren’t will be the way you had wished should to be.

Life will be enclosed within your four wall

And you had hard to find your way out

That’s the time you have to belief on yourself

Your Hopes, Dreams, Happiness and Soul

And things will appear perfectly fine.

World is never pleasant either the people would be always,

Disappoint, cheat, disgrace, heart break would be thrown on your path

To let you down

Tear you apart

But those are the golden moments of your life

Trust me; trust yourself as you walk forward with belief on yourself

Head held high, faith to the fullest

And hopes alive, your struggle would be most wonderful journey of your life

And what will follow then will be the

Most lovely surprise in your life

Than as you would be passing the exam

Placed before you by Life

What comes than would be all yours, Experiences, Love and Success?

Time will come when you have to greater Challenges

Unexpected responsibilities,

Accept it with Smile and willing heart and belief that You can do,

And things will turn in your pleasure

Because your purpose comes true

There is change; you bring the smile back on people.

So belief on yourself you can make the change,

And all success will be your crown than……….


Is all you truly DESERVE my friend………

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