Sunday, August 14, 2011

a Mixed bLeSSing...

A blessing, a gift
Of heaven can b in any form

A lovely parents, a beautfilful life partner

A responsible son, or a caring daughter.

i know i was never a gift to my love ones

But almighty above bless me whole heartly

I got wonderful parents, caring brother and sister.

Most beautiful gift i own now

Is beautiful person...

Who lives her life with her

Own rules...

Have a heart of gold

But when things are wrong

she would turn world up side down to make it pefect

Be it her life or her friend's life.

Meeting her in Sherubtse is one

Of wonderful things that happened to me...

Its was coincedence or my luck that

We met on that very first day...

Through many unknown faces

She found me...

Lost , afriad, and shy girl standing at the conner

Of building...

Now i just remember the wrod " HI " we exchange

But what followed than was magic,

That I was waiting to

Happen in my life...

She was indeed most wonderful gift

I had and have reciviced ...

And now through pages of my life

I find her part of all

Through Happiness, fun, smile & pain...she made my stay here most

Memoribale one...

When heart is full words are less..

So i stand here today...

Love u dear n thanks for all wonderful moments you have given to me...

And making my life not less than the fairy tale...:)

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