Sunday, August 14, 2011

FOrgotten LovE

Standing at the edge of the road,

Glittering moon change my mood.

Now i wish i was the same agian,

So that i would escape this pain.

But only...only my forgotten love

Makes me mad with this pain.

Riding over the white sheep over the sky,

Dancing to the music of twinkling


Promising each other of immortal love,

We walked miles and miles on the path of


But only...only my gorgotten love

Makes me sick in this mist.

We preserved our love with

Beautiful dreams,

And bid goodbye with tears .

Flowing time never paid its way back,

Spring , Summer, Autuam and

Winter went by

Hours, days, weeks and month

Merged into a year.

But you never made your back

oh! A forgotten love, i lay upon

The pillow wet with the flow of pain down my eyes.

Now i am standing on the edge,

And sinking in the arms of horizon

Only ...only if you would have

Hold my hands.

i would have not closed my eyes.

You lost your way towards me

and now lives in far off land.

where i can't follow you with foot

Nor in dreams can i have you

For my lost dreams with you.

Yet i wish you were by

My side now with this golden smile...

But my long lost forgotten love

I searech You in that dark night...

All again in vain...

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