Saturday, November 19, 2011


I WANDERED lonely as a cloud
Through the far off hills
Search was incomplete, my eyes
Went wet hundred a time
World was not at peace with me
But I never give up.

A man at trounce
Does not makes differences
To million in the game
That the way of world
Which neither you, Nor I can change
But never give up.

Make your dreams rigid
you will find your conduit through
the bend and folds of life
Revulsion, fright will tear you down
just keep your head held high
and never give up.

If you find yourself losing the game
Look around
I stand as you
Beings overwhelmed and enervate
Too tried to wake up
but I never give up.

I wanted magic, not the reality of life
But wish all my wish was my only
It devour me all the way
Now I take refuge on the land of your
I know I will be safe at your harbor
And I will be triumphant
In the world a day in prospect
For promise I will never give up
For I have conviction in my dreams
And I never give uP
I don’t want reality, I want magic…

Saturday, November 12, 2011

An unexpected friend call you in surprise...
You cut your hand in trying to make your mom favorite dies
Walk at mid night through the silent road
To wish ur fren, birthday
Sings a song...all way back from picnic
Shout as hard as you can
Cheering you team in muddy football filed

Smiles, out of fear when you buck the lecture and learn
There was no attendance
Work hard to make the perfect surprise
Party for your favorite teacher on teacher’s day
You burn your cake but still she eat with content heart

…yet to more....
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Friday, November 11, 2011

###Have you ever feared to the death…that you thoughts its end of everything about you…### this story is about four best friends, in their first year of hostel life...

I was first going away from my home and parents. After completing my primary education we were placed to one of most remote gewogs in our dzongkha, (Samdrup Jongkhar) that time I cruse, thinking why they should build the Junior High School to that remote part, well I now understand equal development. One day walk from the road point was never like eating the piece of cake. And for me things were really get worse as it was my first time to be away from my home and parents.
What so ever I had no other choice rather than join the school along with other mates.
It was evening of early spring, weather was considerable cool. Tried from social work in Saturday afternoon, and I tell you social work was not like weeding flower garden, which I am very sure if one was in High School, one would pass time by playing with one stick and gossip when your teachers is away, but here it was carrying firewood from the valley down by river bank, and thanks God, we at least need not had to chop the wood. Well that never used to be an easy task for me and each time we had that social work I used to cruise like hell. And things were made extremely worse when in lunch we were served with ahsham porridges (maize) well eastern Bhutan is most famous for it. In fact unlike in south and west, maize is their chief food. But still in front of teacher, who used to come around on so called teacher’s duty we used to smirk helplessly.
In one such afternoon, tried and exhausted as sun begun to hide itself behind the thick clouds and far off valley which enclose my school. Enlarging itself gradually rise the silver circle over the blue sky. After dinner we laid in our respectively bad…gossiping and galling over the unsatisfied dinner we had, which kept our stomach half full. But what could authority and poor villagers do also, as summer comes over all the path becomes between the Minjoong and Daifam (which is Dungkha and a road point) gets badly damage, making travel risky at the time. So we had to adjust with the porridge many a times.
Okay coming back to the point, we wait for hours but none of us could go to sleep. And you can well understand how can a child of class seven go to sleep half stomach that also in times when night hold longer than night. Suddenly Phuntsho, who was most jolly among we friends pointed the silver moon, shining beautifully over the valley of Minjoong, as if it could fill our stomach full.amd another at the next bed shout, “let’s go outside”, it was Dechen, naughtiest in the group. For her adventure was enough to live her way of life. And at her one comment, we would find our self climbing the hills in the nearby village to either steal maize or orange. At once we found our self dangling our tired leg over the half fenced veranda. As the school was new at the time hostel rules were not much strict, thanks to that. We resume our half left gossip. Family, movies and home were top gossip topics for us and sometime boys of section ‘B’. Over whom our shy and beautiful Choeki was crazy. Tall, dark and handsome was tag she would mark boys of school. And if few lucky meets her criteria than that would be the beginning of most romantic love story.

Moon had grown `more beautifully and we could see few lights on in boy’s hostel across the fence. We finish blow full of zahu and few packet of uncle chips famous at the time and school time biscuit, which was only one kind of biscuit nearby shop sold. Opps! I hate that biscuit. And the point, Choeki pointed out the dream she had dreamt last night. She narrated us her dream but none us really could make out what exactly her dreams meant. So we decided to visit out friend in next hostel. We walked as lightly as those chilly breeze, we were out of hostel in odd hour if beings caught I would die seriously. As we reached to her bed she was not there, confused and afraid, we asked the girl next to her, she replied, she is in bathroom. We walk to bath room form way back and saw her bathing, singing softly. Yes she was defiantly enjoying the bath or who could bath at the midnight. I would never, I knew that. “Guys let’s throw the pebbles at her” Dechen told us and I heroically spoke to her in male voice. ‘oie …Pema’ and that was enough to make her live one second of most scary moment. And all I could remember in next 12 hour is her scream; it was creepier than the scream in horror movies. She left the bathroom at the speed of light and like the night during the bad weather she yelled as loud as the thundered that night.
Next we found our self lying on the bed as helpless as the person in coma. And even in temperature when one could die due to cold, we were quivering not due to cold but due to fear. Our eyes were shut; we had covered our self with as much we could. But the worst thing was that, we could still hear, and knew well what exactly was going outside. In next few minutes, al the student in campus was awake. I know some must have cursed us to the hell, for it was mid night and most of they were in deep slumber. But what we had in that remote valleys to keep us awake till midnight, unlike us stupid friends to discuses over the stupid dreams. Which was either true or could benefit us at the least. Television, computers were like far away dreams for us. So nearly with dawn we used to find us losing in the depth of dreams and cozy bed.
Bad, very bad, my god , god please save us…etc …etc, I would hear Cheoki praying under her bedspread, in fact cursing the stupid plans of dreams and visiting the friend in next hostel. Captains were called over; for worst part was that our so called matron thought that it was one of boy. ‘Poor boys, why it’s always boys, can’t girls tease her girl friend, well rudely not at the midnight that also when one is bathing’ I thought to myself but never spoke out for it would be like adding fuel to the fire. And that was worst fear. Poor boys, but we could not say that it was not boys, the fear to face matron and bear her scolding that would come as pot and pans, never made us bold enough to step ahead. That night even torch light scared us, even a light knock at the door melt us. The night was full of night mares, fear of beings caught, or even being suspended and all humiliation.

Tik, tik, the second and hour arms of the clock seemed was testing our patience; it was slower than the snail, well our heart was throbbing out as hard as it could. Atmosphere inside our room was like night in the cremation ground in the night of full moon day. All nab and woozy laid on bed watching time to pass fast, 1 am, 2 am, 3am, and 4 am, gradually situation was coming under control outside the hostel. Teachers disappointed on beings not able to find the culprit, returned to their quarters. But we still had had a fear, for beings caught.
We waited for next morning more early than a bride would wait for her groom on her wedding day. Finally it was morning, beautiful spring day, with bright sun and blue clouds on the wing over us, stood before us a day.
We walk to the mess for again same porridges. And I knew the last night incident would have filled the air and I was not wrong too, as we approach the doorstep of mess. First words I heard was my school captain girls grumbling, “zi gikalo, ebi chowa gisa za sho” saying so she walked ahead of us. ‘Oops! Sorry boys’ I felt I should apologies them. We wobble around, looked through the lines towards each other, our lips were sealed, no words. But that day it was like we have taken holiday from talking and has given whole floor for our fellow mates to speak, talk or gossip. “Bla, bla, bla…” air was filled with serious and revengeful atmosphere.
I spotted Pema in the corner silent and sad. “Was the incident that scandalous” that she thought she would surely be raped and is so silent out of nowhere, ‘no’ I told to myself silently.
We receive our share, but one cloud still eat, were we also in shock like Pema, or was it because we had eaten bit more of stupid ‘School Time’ Biscuit. Dechen, sign and we knew she had some interesting news, we gather and with much relief she disclosed the news to us. “‘Wow’ Pema…Pema, she said, she has mistaken herself and on seeing some shadow, she had screamed”. ‘Really’ deep inside me I wanted to kiss her and give her hug but I control myself.
We run to our room, and really wanted to celebrate our escape. We got back our lost smiles and fun life. All thanks to Miss Pema. The sky looked more beautiful and clear, may be because the heavy load, which we had been carrying over our head and heart from last 7 hour was cleared.
Even the longest day if the year passed at the wink of eyes and everything looked perfectly okay. That night as we lay on our bed we promise never to repeat to same mistake. But I was still thinking, why did Pema solved the case at the end putting all the blame over her?, I wanted to ask her but never I dare to ask her, now you can say whether it was my cowardice and selfishness, I leave it to you. But I promise to myself I will never try to hurt her hence and never ever try to change my voice like male, which was sounding not so sweet also. Assembling all sweet and bitter thought of day I whisper , ‘thank God’ and got lost in the mesmerized night and my tiny world, which is made up of my little dreams and happiness…

Monday, November 7, 2011

ending...'life a full circle..."

A man comes with the cry,

And grows up to a person,

Like the rising sun from the east,

and marking its way to touch the horizon in the west.

He walks, a line chalked by the God

like the sun following its orbit

Uncertain of what comes next,

He goes on living every season of life.

He trods all day and night

With the beaitiful dreams in his eyes

He dances with the music of the star

And laugh in the night of moon.

He over comes every hurdles of

Life with a smile and

Celebrates every success

With word "thanks" to God.

He lives every color of life

To his best part,

And sings all songs of life

From his heart.

But when day falls apart

And life goes away

he closes his eyes

With beautiful part of life.

He smile through the tears

And wishper unheard to man

Just for the almighty above

And than many says...

That ...that

That his end in the

Dark night...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winning through the dEFEAT

nothing is impossible for the heart which is determined to achieve what he dearly desired…
“Victory is not a one – time achievements it’s a habit”…this lines goes down to the person I came across during my final year in college. He was as simple as any other student in college but in his simple way of life lid the great potential to fight through his obstacles. As the leader, from his schooling to college, Tenzin, had never thought, he would ever experience or would face the ugly truth called “defeat”. College, where hundreds joins to accomplish their dreams and Tenzin was one such student who joined College with great aspiration to be a leader, a leader of self. But all his dreams got shattered when he lost the College election. It came as the thundered that moved all the people on floor of auditorium, who were there to witness the election. History had changed its course and change was made. Most shocking things were that it was happening for the first time in the history. One who put blame over his fate or would ask “why me” but despite all those unexpected circumstances rising up, he was wearing up the smiles as he do always. It was unexpected and ugly truth of Tenzin’s life. The moment I saw him, I could feel the pain in his eyes, it was so painful that it seem it would blast out anytime, though he was trying hard to smile, to hold back all his tears.
Alas! I stood there that day helpless. I had nothing that I could do. Life was never meant to a hold on there, his journey yet to beginning. “It is always not necessary to clutch on the position to serve my teacher, institute and mates, I am a dreamer and keep in ability to make my dreams my perseverance” Tenzin remarked with sigh and vague smile on his face very next day talking to his friends.
Few days later I met him for a coffee and he looked perfectly fine, honestly that was a relief for me. “If you know exactly what you want and is not afraid of breaking few eggs if you want an omelet” Tenzin said with smile this times as we drunk our last sip of coffee. With his this defeat, though to many his dreams seem falling apart but to the undefeatable heart that he possessed, it seem already planning and dreaming more. As he pointed his interest to sever college and authority in other mean. And the fact was that, his defeat would not stop him from dreaming, and with this blend and folds of life he headed towards more aspiring future. That evening as I sat on my study table with my diary, the first lines my pen link down was, “Failure is but the pillar of success, to learn from our failure is to achieve success. Never to have failed is never to have own. Unless we experience failure and its bitterness, we would never appreciate the sweetness of victory. It becomes merely a turn and events that is of little or of no interest. Failure not only helps us to succeed, they make us energetic, enthusiastic and rich in experiences but I think we needed that to value our success in future”.
He was never stopping then, with beginning of new session, student had many things to look up for, new activities with many new hopes and aspiration to help its locality and country as the whole. With trounce of Tenzin many things changed in the College, all believes now and most of all its sincere approach of Tenzin that made all the changes. It mean a lot to win through failure, and I knew that it was not easy for him also…now I understand what life means, sometime we have to stand when sanding isn’t easy…because its only you who know best in you and what you can make out of it…though he lost the election and he never lost the battle life against hardship and accomplishing his dream in life made his real winner...and today I am living his life partly and deep down inside I know that someday I will also win the battle of my life…with that thought I smile through my tears in every hard day of my life journey…

Monday, October 31, 2011

Waiting is never too long…for loving hearts…

Pema was to leave next day
and the day that was to follow
The silent street of Paro would
Represent only one thing
To her
The hope for his return

From the day on,
It was the far and wide
Over which he had disappeared
Would be important,
She would look to it everyday

She would try to guess,
His health and pain
And plans
He would be following to achieve
The victory
And as night fall silent
She would kiss the wind
Hoping that it
Would blow by his face
And would tell him
She is alive
And was waiting for him

And now there was no more that
Longing for him
But hope in her dark eyes burning as
Brightly as those stars
Above them
Which they shared from the far distances

She till read through the letter
He had wrote on a day of his leaving?
“…one is loved because one is loved,
No reason is needed for loving…”
And I will be back for
I still have to love you…

Unlimited desirable hobby

What is your hobby? Is the most common question somebody asks you when you are in your primary classes, and reading the fairy tales, watching cartoons and so many are the common answer kids the age reply and same was my answer when I was in my primary school. But the trend of hobby changes as you grow up and experiences different things in life. And at the one time your hobby will be shopping, watching movie, reading novels, hanging out with friends and etc…etc.

Well same was with me also, my hobby was never extra ordinary, what I liked most was reading books, and of-course cooking may be that make me grow my size vertical. I read all kinds of books, from the time I remember my room used to be flooded was twinkles, and latter with magazine and soon with novels ranging from most romantic ones like Mills and Bones which always used to leave me flooded with shading tears or like The Dannie Steel, Nichols Spark and many in list. At the time I used to forget to take my meals as I use to be so engrossed in the character, the story in the story book and painful suffering of character. I used to cry, laugh; feel irritated and finally closed the last page with smile and lines to feel like turning again and again.

But nothing remains permanent and with time everything changes. And as I grew up my likes to read books varied. And I start experimenting with different types of books, once twinkle and those fairy tales used to leave in amazed but now it’s no more of any amusement. Back in college studying literature was of interesting part of my studies. Reading the tragic drama to the comedy was a wide knowledge I could have earn all my life. And experimenting with different poets and their way of writing was another blessing for me. Now I feel I have lived with them through the times of Canterbury tales to the books which talk about the freedom struggle of a nation.

But book, are always has been my best friend. No matter what, it has always stood by my side, through my smiles and tears. And I am glad it will never leave me alone…

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Agreeing to the great people who have given great example of friendship, i have learnt that its most beautiful gift to man and also an ugly cruse....

A trusted and true friend she was
God had ever made for someone
But luckiest I was to her on company.
Some where God had kept her for me
Sometime ago when I was moping around alone
God above for long her for me
In her I find a boon of friendship
That reminds me of our friendship.
She was ray of hope for me
She paid my step towards success
Though some time her talk irritated me
But in her company I forgot all
When I was in sick, she suffered in the pain
When I was cheer with joy
She danced till dawn
But where is the ray of joy gone
Her twinkling eye clearing day
That made everything for me gay
But like every happy day comes to
An end…
So do friendship and friends …

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Song by sunset…

Alas! Here comes end of another beautiful day
I have lived with content heart
I feel the pain deep down
For fear implanted in me
Makes me sick to think
How will be the day that follows?

I have seen victory, celebration and smiles
Today, and now I feel it’s was to
Short to had lived on
But heart seem content and now
Feel with mixed blessing of losing one to another
Afraid to embrace what comes next.

But song I sang today promises to keep
Me alive tomorrow
Far and wide are blessing filled
Which too little I have now
I need to seek out to find myself
Is all I have learnt today?

And I see myself rising again through that
Dark night, trying to reach my very crown of
Which awaits me at far horizon and
I know I will reach to my destination sooner
Or latter, for I need to sing song for my victory …
by the sunset

Friday, October 21, 2011

Never give up!

Life is game
Play it to your fullest
For you can only win it or lose it
Yes! Success is life best crown
But as you lose …
You learn to stand in better position as you stand up tomorrow
But …for you should never give up

As you will see the rising sun
So you have to face the sinking it
As you cheer up with bright ray
So toy have to smile with dark rays
But remember both are beautiful in its own ways
For you should never give up.

Yes you may loss today
But today is not the end of day
For tomorrow might be eagerly waiting
To embrace you in its warmth of success
For you should never give up

As a child falls several times
To walk better tomorrow
So as you fall today
Tomorrow as you achieve your success
You will value it more than you would had yesterday
And happiness you receive is beautiful
Just beautiful…priceless….
For you should never give up

Remember life is not the bed of roses
Yet it’s a beautiful garden
With memories of both sweet and bitter…
Yes one should never give up...

Thimphu …the land of survival

Home to thousand, Thimphu is most beautiful city in Bhutan. With its wide valley running north to south, along the dark blue river flowing by its side, gives ones a pleasure to live in the beauty of place. Giving one ample opportunity to have its view by, have to climb just a few miles up the hills, its call Buddha Point or in the centre what stand BBS Tower. And when spring makes it way into the valley of Thimphu, each road that connects one another, each centre and each path bloom with colorful flowers and green earth to fill ones self with blessing unseen but just felt. You walk down the town one fine sunny day, you fill richness of Bhutanese art and craft, which is reason enough to make you smiles and proud to say, ‘how rich my culture is and how beautiful is its arts’. With the tall building kissing the blue sky above and beautifully designed and color.

Thimphu the capital city of Bhutan and like any other city around the world is also driving by the force that, it’s the city of all dream to come true. I was fifteen when I first visited Thimphu with my parents. I remember the city with huge houses, street full of people and road look as if it was designed by the beautiful and different size cars. At that time, I wonder it could accommodate more people than this but I was totally wrong than, as when I visited Thimphu after completion of my plus two, a few years back. It was totally a different city than I have seen a couple of year ago; while I have marked the end of its expansion has given rise to many new infrastructures. No wonder I have at that, accept the fact that Thimphu was ever growing city like any other city around the world.

Well now I am getting closely associated with Thimphu, when I am staying here. Now my perceptive to look Thimphu has changed, than how I had looked it years ago. Today walking down the street I come across with different people, well here I am not talking about their fair complexion or height but what I am talking is people from different economic group. When we are back in school or college, what we dream of is big house, plenty of area for our kids to play around but lucky few are there who have this concession.
No matter, Thimphu has been home for people from all walks of life. It has given hope to all, has given aspiration for all to live. She is home for all those inspiring heart, who walks down the Thimphu valley to achieve something in life, too and better world to live for all.
And today I stand in the same fence, completing one phase of life I stand here to start one more chapter of my life, I am afraid I may also not get lost in this concrete jungle. I may be part of Thimphu in next ten or just in five years I don’t deny the fact but what has been concerning me at the moment is that after twenty years now when I look back to the time I have lived I don’t to say that yes I have lived my lives not my dreams. I don’t want to have this regret that I would have better live had I followed my heart than my mind. When I would live my life it should be worth remembering not just in decade but in times to come. Life I would had lived should be blessed enough to make me smile sometime later, happy enough to give me hope if I happen to fall sometime in life. Just living ones life for the sake of living doesn’t give you satisfaction one would be seeking in life. Well telling, so I don’t mean to say that people who are living here are not happy or their life is not recalling or celebrating twenty years now, but what I have observe in my stay here in Thimphu has given me some light as of how they indeed living their life. For the sake of their children, for best education for them, best medical facilities for them, perfect place to live and much more has in fact created this feeling in people living that there could be in fact no better place than this for them and yes they are true, this place gives you best of all, and a parents seek into their children happiness but amid of those happiness, lines the pain full story of many heart.

Thimphu which is growing city is also a city of opportunities, if you seek out, it has everything for you, if you have determination you got to achieve everything in life here. Its has never said no, she never say, ‘you can and you can’t’...its always say you can, if you try to your best....its always something for every heart that search on here....that what I have learnt in the recent time...and its city that has no limitation ...its grows everyday with every individual and with every hope and smiles..:):):)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

In between the dreams

What makes one alive is
His never dying dream
Which he holds close and dearly to her heart
No matter how hard his life treats him
He smiles, celebrates and lives on and on
As he still finds his dream alive in his thoughts
But now I doubt, on my own dreams…
Which always has been?
My reason to smiles and dreams beautifully
Alas! My dreams…
Which to me seem dying away in far horizon?
Flying miles away from me
Worry kills me
If I don’t hold onto it now
I will not be able to catch on it later
For tomorrow may be late foe me to live out
What I cherish now
For I want to live it now and always
Or I never had right to dream one
As I now fall the preys to the society
Or my own fate
Fate …
I said …are all written by one self
Its always pay you the
Price you seek out with heart filled with
Honesty, hard work and committed
But seem I had, lived my life
Over my false theory
Alas! …

Sunday, September 4, 2011

An account of most beautiful chapter in my life… “Hearty heart “

Many a times in life we tend to forgot what actual we wanted in life, what we had dreams of when we were of the age three. But things change different as one grows up. In the same way my mind was confused and heart in pain when I reach Thimphu after complication of my degree from Kanglung. Honestly when I qualified for the College in the year 2008, my parents first advice was I should have my percentage in 80s and 70s and to some extend I had made my self believe that I should not fail my self before my parents. But never knew the world that awaits me then had some many things for me, my world then was not just bounded in- between the four walls of my room or with in the books I would borrow from the library but indeed it was bigger then I thought it would be.
And now I am away from it, I am not holding on with high percentage but account of most beautiful chapter of my life…
When we think of College life, what stuck the student at first is fun, romances, least time for studies and no fear of teachers like we have in school days. And our illusion is further rooted with more colors as we are dam crazy followers of bolloywod movies. Dancing, bucking of class, to think one above all, no rules for you there. But when I join the College I was never influences by that charms, I knew my world would be simple, and lonely. But I was wrong there. Even I had some many things to do, discover, and to explore.
To some extend I have discover my self, have know my self better now than then. What hurts me, and what gives me happiness. I have learned to live life with both smile and tears. I have experiences the moment of life that I would never again would experience. I have known how it feels when you find one morning that your friend whom you had loved and cared most turns out to be Stanger. Those things really hurt, and I am glad that I have overcome it. Here I like to say that it true when we say friends are the mot important part of our life, no matter where ever we live or whatever we do. They determine our action, our mood and also the how we think. But doesn’t mean that one should be friend with only someone who is simple or else anybody can and be our friends. There should never be this line which distinguishes man from man and heart form heart. Anybody can be your best friend, a true friend. But only few lucky one are there who are actually blessed with this magic. And in search of this magic to happen in my life, I was actually learning about myself and about the life outside. And this mark as the way of how I discover my weakness and my integrity.
Hold on guys…!!! Now you might be thinking that my life then must be very boring but it was not exactly. I also have memories that I would never forget in my life and of course it was incomplete without my friends there. Have you ever gone for the class walk? No right… but my crazy mates, we went for class walk, walking all most ten kilometers and as darkness envelopes the fading light of the day, one would shout, “I am hunger” then as like decided we would get into a hut nearby and ask the owner to cook the magi for us. And surprisingly the magi cooked as plain as it would be, and latter fishing for few chilies added was tastier than one now I eat in well flourished restaurant. I still have that taste of that magi. And followed by lots of songs and in fact it was indeed shouting at the top one ones voice. But it was all the fun.

Well like many boys in College who are big fan of football, so were my class mates. They were not less then any one in the college and in fact more. It was not that all were complains but that love for the game brought them all together at the time. And we girls had no other way rather than shout for them and at the end return home hearten broken when they lost the game “better luck next time” would be all we could say at the time. But as life is full of surprise and magic can happen any time, so did it happen in the summer of 2010, surprisingly our mates reached the final and even won the magic. At the time I knew the charm of success so closely through the eyes of my mates. And followed by the picnic and than lots of ahsham juices, hahhaha!!!!! Well than few of us who would love to stay away from the circle of party with juice, would had great time, watching them grow wild, or be the different person that they were never before or laugh like they had never laughed before or cry like a child who is away from his/her mother. Or next time one would shout oie “switch off” bhaga mey dari … those cods were used by my friends and still we use it.
Along the fun, what most we enjoy was social work. Following the foot steps of our Lama Wangdi., we would reach any place which need our help, be it just the white wash of chortens that circle the monastery in the heart of kanglung or be it carrying the bricks and climbing the uphill in the construction of drastsang at the top of hill. I still remember Lama Wangdi cheating on me when he would add more bricks over my back. And would return home with content heart and smile over the face.
And through all those times I have lived I have collected enough I am going back home as a different person now. I have learn all that is needed to make a person responsible, honest, hardworking and in the whole a good human in the heart. Well now I know what it meant when I first reached College and my teachers saying “you all are now caterpillar but when you will going away form here you will be going as the butterflies” I laughed saying butterflies but now I know what it meant.
But what is most important to me was my friends, who were my family for whole three tears who were there for me each time I was in need of them…they were most wonderful people I have ever met in my life or will ever meet…

Life is what we dream of

The human heart has hidden

Teasure, in secret kept,

In silences sealed ; the thoghts,

The hopes, the dreams, the pleasure

Whose charms were broken if


Many a times in our life we come acros the situation, when we want somethings so desparatly but we are not able to get one. we leave it, in its own way...calling it will of destiny or game of fate. what so ever we leave

Than one day we relise that...had we taken little effort to make it happen than we could had have it...and than we regret all our life. But now why do we do so...its beacuse of fear that we will lose it or we realy do not deserve it...

i set to seach answer for those question may be i am too late but atleast i will be in peace that i did try onces...

or which answer i had left unread time ago...though my eyes were full of dreams but non i had actual. I heart is full of dream, long way to change the dream into reality...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

kanglung Reading Club... way towards reading society

I hate Saturday afternoon, it used be most boring afternoon, until the day I heard of Kanglung Reading Club. Well I love reading book so I thought to visit the place. In open ground, under warmth of sun , were sitting around 60 to 70 kids, reading some of my favorites childhood story or fairy tales book.
' amazing" I whisper a second a lady came near to me and asked are you voluntary for this club...I don't what to say I just nodded my head...excellent than please join me...I followed her till her offices where she handed over me few such books.
Still wondering what to do, she told me ...'go to ground pick any kid and help them read...I walk ahead still exactly not knowing what to do...
I walk toward a little kid and sit near him, handed over him a book. And as soon as he saw the books he was smiling...'jang ga story gi wa la (this is my favorite story book, in the local tongue) ...Alice in wonder land' I heard him saying...
...thus this mark as the beginning of another important chapter of my life...
Honestly many of Bhutanese children don't prefer to read until and unless they are made to read one. And same with me also until I was gifted a story book probably a fairy tales, when I was in 5th grade by my English teacher who was leaving to his country India. (Bala Krishnan). Now I hardly remember how he looked like but when ever I flip through the pages of the book I read his name written over the first page of the book...and a small note saying " read until you are tried of reading" but I read it only once and then I was too old to read fairy tales...ha-ha
When we join college we all have lots of dream, like I will that, or this...we will mark the list of achievements...but only few lucky are there who actually relies their dreams too. I account among many such one who dream a lots but fail to accomplish them...
I was completing my stay in Sherubtse...I hardly had 2 more semester to stay there and had not actually done anything...worth. Them when I reached to 5th semester ...I heard my English teacher saying, they need a voluntary to help them in the Reading Club…I thought this was opportunity I was seeking I voluntary to read and help them. It was organized every Saturday afternoon, and as I used to be free most of the time, I decided to join them.

So I will briefly tell about this club, it is the club unlike any other serving club in the Sherubtse college base on voluntarism. The club was started mainly to encourage, teach and help the kids of the kanglung locality and nearby villages and in particular to read English, improve their reading skill and promote their reading habits. We get the books (all children’s) from private donor from London (Linda Willacy) stand at the top to donate us with many books in recent time. As of now we have among 100 registered children visiting the club and among 200 college student helping to read the children. And with each successive session the number of children attending the club increase and some time it even reached to hundred fifty and plus. While at a time we used to face problem as we don’t used to have enough voluntary to help our kids to read but it was not the big deal in front of our children keen interest to read.
And what I personally felt during all the stay with those children, is that provided the opportunity and platform to help them and provided them with the material our kinds are also equally interested to read and write like any other western and kids. In this regard one particular incident I like to share …one was raining heavily all morning and afternoon and I know that voluntary won’t turn up the club today and I was also feeling bored even to walk down the centre, but as I used to coordinate I had no the choice other than to sacrifice my heavy sleep and go to the club. As I approach the door to my surprise children were waiting for me all drown in the rain, wet head and cloth. At once I scold them, saying they should have gone home directly rather than wait to read. I help them dry them self a bit and made them all sited comfortable in the room. Gave them read any book they wish to read and they read without any complain for next one hour. As I watch them reading, I was feeling guilty of scolding them, though back home their parent were would be equally worried as I was on seeing them early. After the session was over I asked them not to come for reading in bad weather. Thank that rain had stop by than.
In the time many such incidents happen, that made me belief how interested were those kids to read. And in particularly those in the distant villages, who had to walk miles to reach their home and every Saturday they were to come the college centre even before the time and sometime even before my classes used to be over. And some day my friends used to tease me telling “my students are waiting for me”….
But it’s also true that some kids exactly don’t like reading they were forced by their parents, at a time I have chase them and make them read. But the fruits of ones hard work is always rewarded so did my…that same child was most regular in time to come.

In the course we not only used to help them read but also teach then stay clean, in the course 280 day I have developed an special bound with them, their enthusiastic to learn made me their great fan…
Like those kids in the valley of Kanglung, their would be many other children in other remotes part of country, waiting for such an opportunities. Unlike the urban centre in Thimphu, Phuntsholing and other places children in those semi-urban places don’t have such opportunities.
And at the end of the day, I am glad I did bring little changes to their life…and I am happy for that…

Friday, August 19, 2011

The view of Royal Wedding from my little sister

My king ‘Jigme Kesar Namgya Wangchuck’
Is most humble and kind person
We all love our king
From heart and soul
My heart is filled with respect and love for him
And what now makes all Bhutanese glad today
Is our king wedding?
The most waited moment in the life of all Bhutanese
Is finally at home
Our beloved king will marry
A queen Jetsun Pema now our Royal Bride
Now all that I can do
Is wish my king and queen
Long life, a life full of happiness and riches
I pray my king and queen is happy now and forever
Almighty above and people of Bhutan
Will bless, and fill this joys occasion with
All their pray and love for them
Drukyul is very peaceful and beautiful kingdom
Our kings and we all are happy
To me king is a light who lighten
Our life and guide us all the difficult way of life
I had him in my
Dream and always pray for
King, queen when I say goodnight
My king and queen is like flower to me
Which all bloom all day and night?
And fill our life with sweet fragrances
And wioth beautiful colors
And I wish to leave under his shades
All my life with smile and love
I love my king and queen
And wish all my pray today come true.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Life is Made as u WISH it to Makeup

There may be a days, when things aren’t will be the way you had wished should to be.

Life will be enclosed within your four wall

And you had hard to find your way out

That’s the time you have to belief on yourself

Your Hopes, Dreams, Happiness and Soul

And things will appear perfectly fine.

World is never pleasant either the people would be always,

Disappoint, cheat, disgrace, heart break would be thrown on your path

To let you down

Tear you apart

But those are the golden moments of your life

Trust me; trust yourself as you walk forward with belief on yourself

Head held high, faith to the fullest

And hopes alive, your struggle would be most wonderful journey of your life

And what will follow then will be the

Most lovely surprise in your life

Than as you would be passing the exam

Placed before you by Life

What comes than would be all yours, Experiences, Love and Success?

Time will come when you have to greater Challenges

Unexpected responsibilities,

Accept it with Smile and willing heart and belief that You can do,

And things will turn in your pleasure

Because your purpose comes true

There is change; you bring the smile back on people.

So belief on yourself you can make the change,

And all success will be your crown than……….


Is all you truly DESERVE my friend………

a Mixed bLeSSing...

A blessing, a gift
Of heaven can b in any form

A lovely parents, a beautfilful life partner

A responsible son, or a caring daughter.

i know i was never a gift to my love ones

But almighty above bless me whole heartly

I got wonderful parents, caring brother and sister.

Most beautiful gift i own now

Is beautiful person...

Who lives her life with her

Own rules...

Have a heart of gold

But when things are wrong

she would turn world up side down to make it pefect

Be it her life or her friend's life.

Meeting her in Sherubtse is one

Of wonderful things that happened to me...

Its was coincedence or my luck that

We met on that very first day...

Through many unknown faces

She found me...

Lost , afriad, and shy girl standing at the conner

Of building...

Now i just remember the wrod " HI " we exchange

But what followed than was magic,

That I was waiting to

Happen in my life...

She was indeed most wonderful gift

I had and have reciviced ...

And now through pages of my life

I find her part of all

Through Happiness, fun, smile & pain...she made my stay here most

Memoribale one...

When heart is full words are less..

So i stand here today...

Love u dear n thanks for all wonderful moments you have given to me...

And making my life not less than the fairy tale...:)

FOrgotten LovE

Standing at the edge of the road,

Glittering moon change my mood.

Now i wish i was the same agian,

So that i would escape this pain.

But only...only my forgotten love

Makes me mad with this pain.

Riding over the white sheep over the sky,

Dancing to the music of twinkling


Promising each other of immortal love,

We walked miles and miles on the path of


But only...only my gorgotten love

Makes me sick in this mist.

We preserved our love with

Beautiful dreams,

And bid goodbye with tears .

Flowing time never paid its way back,

Spring , Summer, Autuam and

Winter went by

Hours, days, weeks and month

Merged into a year.

But you never made your back

oh! A forgotten love, i lay upon

The pillow wet with the flow of pain down my eyes.

Now i am standing on the edge,

And sinking in the arms of horizon

Only ...only if you would have

Hold my hands.

i would have not closed my eyes.

You lost your way towards me

and now lives in far off land.

where i can't follow you with foot

Nor in dreams can i have you

For my lost dreams with you.

Yet i wish you were by

My side now with this golden smile...

But my long lost forgotten love

I searech You in that dark night...

All again in vain...

ending...'life a full circle...

A man comes with the cry,

And grows upto a person,

Like the rising sun from the east,

and marking its way to touch the horizon in the west.

He walks, a line chalked by the God

like the sun following its orbit

Uncertain of what comes next,

He goes on living every season of life.

He trods all day and night

With the beaitiful dreams in his eyes

He dances with the music of the star

And laugh in the night of moon.

He over comes every hurdles of

Life with a smile and

Celebrates every success

With word "thanks" to God.

He lives every color of life

To his best part,

And sings all songs of life

From his heart.

But when day falls apart

And life goes away

he closes his eyes

With beautiful part of life.

He smile through the tears

And wishper unheard to man

Just for the amighty above

And than many says...

That ...that

That his end in the

Dark night...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

an farewell speech .................

Exam was over head, preparation for the final exam was at the full swing and it was like we don’t even have time to think something else. But one would go away before thanking our teachers , and friends who has been our family in last three years of our college life, and as we decided we has an small gathering with our teachers. All teachers who taught us for last years were invited. ..
And here is record of the farewell speech …
Good evening…
Well ! i stand here before you all because today if I stay hiding myself behind my friends as I have been doing for last three years than I would defiantly regret in future and would hate myself and my inability to speak out my heart.
Well this journey begins three years ago when I join college in the month of July. It was like dreams come true for me as I always dream of studying in sherubtse.
Well when i qualified for the sherubtse, my parents were most happy one, and I still remember my dad saying to me, when I graduate my marks should be extremely good as what account is marks all the way.
But I don’t know how my three years came to an end now, I hardly remember how time went here and how my three years came to an end.
And now when I stand with few days of my college days I don’t, whether i am content with my self or i am regretting. But what so ever the fact that is set before me is that I am going away soon. And I want to confess something today, as she call for all her teacher’s name, and she started…
I was never a punctual in class and was the last bencher.
Ya honestly some where I am regretting for I am not going home with that 70% or 80% but what I am content is with the fact that as I am going away i am going away as the change person, a much better person than before. I know it will dishearten my parents to know their daughter is not the academies topper but I know deep within my heart they will be happy to find, who I am today
And all those confidences that is found within me is all because of you all teachers and friends.
Because for you unconditional love and careI was able to over come all the challenges that I face here…anything was possible for me here.
and i am going away with lots of love my heart
i love u al my dear teachers..

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I WANDERED lonely as a cloud
Through the far off hills
Search was incomplete, my eyes
Went wet hundred a time
World was not at peace with me
But I never give up.

A man at trounce
Does not makes differences
To million in the game
That the way of world
Which neither you, Nor I can change
But never give up.

Make your dreams rigid
you will find your conduit through
the bend and folds of life
Revulsion, fright will tear you down
just keep your head held high
and never give up.

If you find yourself losing the game
Look around
I stand as you
Beings overwhelmed and enervate
Too tried to wake up
but I never give up.

I wanted magic, not the reality of life
But wish all my wish was my only
It devour me all the way
Now I take refuge on the land of your
I know I will be safe at your harbor
And I will be triumphant
In the world a day in prospect
For promise I will never give up
For I have conviction in my dreams
And I never give uP
I don’t want reality, I want magic…

Saturday, June 18, 2011

History is in Making

Drukyul the heart of Himalaya
Where man celebrates his smallest victory
And has no room of you and me
Equality and just mark the Way a life
Through the golden ray had written the
Celestial, virgin snow blanket the peak
Of mountains above
It the witness of
Hundred year of glorify we are witnessing
Blooming of blue puppies at the hill
Broaden its land below with sweet perfume and
Makes whole atmosphere blessed
Name of Bhutan has nested in far off land
Where man talk of his glorify
A wonderful he makes

21 February 1980, made his way down the earth
Smile slightly lay upon the lips of Bhutanese
And celebration at the heart full of love
As blessing was made, we were bestow with this dynamic monarchs
6 November 2008, long waited moments was over
He become the youngest reigning monarch
In the world
To guide the world newest democracy
With it thriving hard to strive among the world most oldest democracy
The challenge was one never seem in the history
And either had anybody ever face
But with profound faith in self
And with medieval traditional and Buddhist spiritual
He sail us ashore safely
From constitutional monarchy to the democratic constitutional
From the world of modernization
To the world of perfection
The sky above is the witness
For his success
The land he step turn to glorify
And in due course he become Princes Charming
Ruling the thousand heart over land and across the sea
And jewel for us
Who serve us with his humble and down earth simplicity?
Too precious to loss over

20th May 2011…with breaking of the day
By uprising golden ray from next horizon
Brought with it, the wonderful news for Bhutanese
The waited was over
He had paved the way to success his dynasty
The honest soul living inside her
Caught His majesty
Once again with his smiles came the another surprise
As he gifted her with most beautiful person
As her future Queen, stand Jetsun Pema as the our Royal Bride
So history is in making
Heart is at the prayer in silent
Lips are unbreakable with wishes flowing from heart
Innocent mind across the kingdom is counting the day down
The line…
Holy almighty in the distance
Shower the holy blessing and prayer
Over the our His Majesty
To accomplished his trade with love and
Prayer …rising from near and far off land
And cross the land of A Thundered Dragon
My hold my hand tight
Folded below the alter of holy divine
To bless my, our king with all heavenly love
Which is paving its way toward him in the while…
And history is in making…

Value of words…by my teachers

ature had truly bless the day, the golden circle hiding at the heart of  sea, music of birds over me hurrying way back to home, and cool breeze that blow  by me taking all my pain of the day made me feel blessed. That evening walking down the street I felt this was the most perfect day of my life. Everything was beautiful and it was as if like dream come true… as I walked ahead my eyes caught the figure unusually of other day. Someone was struggling hard to move and as I reach to it I was taken aback to see, an old lady laying on the sand and trying hard to get hold of her wheel chair. I helped her get on her chair and offer her my help. She said she lived in the nearby cottage, I pull her chair and we move towards her home. She thanks me and offers me a tea but as I walk busy I had to deny her offer.
From that day I never saw that lady and now it almost years pass. I got busy with my life and had hardly time to see for her though I wish to learn more about the lady. But time and situation never goes in the way we want. My life is now ruled by the bell on every hour, it rings once and I have to change accordingly. Running from one class to other with plies of books on one hand and attendance registered on other ahs been rhythm of my life. Now music that peace or gives me pleasure is not of birds singing or winds but murmuring of student thirty two student in the class. Each of them trying hard to learn more read more though people walking below the class might think that teacher is not controlling the class but fact is only I can understand. Through those unclear voices comes the tone of knowledge, they are receiving and music I am falling in love with. Going after a child in the class, narrating them fairy tales all in black and white. And telling them meaning hidden in those letters has become part of my life.
One day I was talking the lesson on value education and had asked each student to tell what they understand, surprising they come up with many good things. A story talking about value, incidents and many but a little girl sitting next to me narrate the story, and concluded the story saying that “ my mother still bless that girl who save her life that day, I wish to be like her”…for next few days I wonder about the story and wanted to know about her mother. Luckily I got to meet her mother and I was surprise to see the same lady I have met fifteen years ago on the road side. As she saw me, she wept and when she spoken than after, I would remember were my teachers who had in cultivated those values on me, though it has been years now she still well come me.
It was raining that evening. As I lay on my bed I wondering what actual had I done that day that lady is still so happy to see me. I suddenly remember word of my teacher “No matter how great or small your deeds are, all you have to do is, do it with love and respect” and may be that day I had done the same. Now when I look back, I vividly remember the faces, growing red and black and shouting hard from the front. No matter how naughty and careless we were in class, their lesson always had the deep impression over us. Each day made me wiser, and showed me way to my destination. People are true to say they are like candles; they consume self to light the way for his/ her students. And they had exactly done the same; they had given up their pleasure running after students to make us read during studies hours. Be there for us when we call for them no matter whether it’s mid- night or early morning. But most importantly they had taught me never to give up, face all situations willing heart and half the thing will be done. My life was not bed of rose, I fall many a times but each time I had enough courage to get up, I never loss faith on me and value I have received from my teachers help me keep walking and now I am here. When that little girl said she wanted to be like me, I smile I am g lad shgood and idle teacher is like a candle
because just like candle..,
it consumes itself to light the way for others...,
e like me but she actual liked the values I have in me gifted by my teachers and she wanted to be like my perfect Teachers as I long times ago aspire to become.
It was beautiful day next morning; dark clouds had gone far away from me, golden rising sun has made all things beautiful like it is. There goes Bell again and I have to follow my routine, I entry same noisy class again not to be frustrated or else but to enjoy rhythm of life in their smile…in their songs and I am glad I have it all my life ‘thanks’ I whisper silently…

I write this story to thank all my teachers who help me reach here today…