Thursday, October 27, 2011

Agreeing to the great people who have given great example of friendship, i have learnt that its most beautiful gift to man and also an ugly cruse....

A trusted and true friend she was
God had ever made for someone
But luckiest I was to her on company.
Some where God had kept her for me
Sometime ago when I was moping around alone
God above for long her for me
In her I find a boon of friendship
That reminds me of our friendship.
She was ray of hope for me
She paid my step towards success
Though some time her talk irritated me
But in her company I forgot all
When I was in sick, she suffered in the pain
When I was cheer with joy
She danced till dawn
But where is the ray of joy gone
Her twinkling eye clearing day
That made everything for me gay
But like every happy day comes to
An end…
So do friendship and friends …


  1. It seems u lost a very good too happens to everyone..and i feel it is all being arranged by the God. we meet some people and be friend with him or her and we never want to depart but all of sudden we have to. and its all natural and spontenous phenomenon. Anyways i enjoyed reading ur poem and exhilirated by ur poetry thrill..m too inspired to scribble one...hehehe..great post n keep posting..looking ahead.

  2. well thanks for the comment ....and i am glad you are writing one soon....looking forward to read it...