Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Song by sunset…

Alas! Here comes end of another beautiful day
I have lived with content heart
I feel the pain deep down
For fear implanted in me
Makes me sick to think
How will be the day that follows?

I have seen victory, celebration and smiles
Today, and now I feel it’s was to
Short to had lived on
But heart seem content and now
Feel with mixed blessing of losing one to another
Afraid to embrace what comes next.

But song I sang today promises to keep
Me alive tomorrow
Far and wide are blessing filled
Which too little I have now
I need to seek out to find myself
Is all I have learnt today?

And I see myself rising again through that
Dark night, trying to reach my very crown of
Which awaits me at far horizon and
I know I will reach to my destination sooner
Or latter, for I need to sing song for my victory …
by the sunset


  1. its a good sign that you see yourself rising again through the dark nights. Definitely you can reach the horizons so work hard and keep hope..
    nice poem,

  2. thanks Leo for reading my poem n more than that visiting my blog, and yeah i am seeing my horizon very near and i am sure i will land safely to it...:) thanks mey