Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Over a coffee…

What not can happen over the coffee, a magic is spelled, a lost friend is back to your life, a story is wrote in sliver lines, promises are made, heart are broken, and most importantly people fall in LOVE…yes they do...

I hardly remember when had gone out with my friends and had ever laughed out my heart. I was living my life; I had no exciting elements in my life, since five years were gone by now and I still find myself walking on the same rout.
Tried and exhausted after long day of lesson and planning, I entered by favorite coffee shop on my way to home. It was getting cold and winter was gradually making its way through the valley of Thimphu.
As always aunty served me with my favorite chocolate coffee, it was moment of bliss for me, which everyday I loved to live. Lost in the cup of coffee and lasts song on the big LG screen while song was from movie Rock star, while I honestly I loved the song …which say …life is blab la…but for I usually loved to listen some kind of classic not what I call zing zang, which in my words means a earsplitting music. Well I had no choice because aunty at the counter seemed enjoying the song and I felt more than song she liked a hero, Ranbir Kapoor, most dashing hero at the time.
I was wondering, lost in my own thought, suddenly I had tap on my shoulder. “Hi”…came a deep and husky voice, which seem got directly deep down to my heart. I heart sunk in his voice, recalling his present beside I shyly replied ‘hi’. The music changed over the television set every few minutes. And air in the room was getting hotter, while was it just feeling or it was in reality, I couldn’t really make it out. We sat facing opposite to each other; I could slightly see his dark brown eyes searching around the room. Probably he was expecting somebody and in waiting his seek to company me till his partner returns up for him. Yes I knew that and felt it. He ordered same chocolate cream coffee for him and also for me. Now I was really not understanding him, why did he ordered for me too but I reason out saying well Bhutanese belief sharing is loving and are more courtesy and kind hearten. His hair were brown like his eyes and was dressed in the latest fashion trend, black jeans and white pullover, over which it was written I am “I am Possible” looked perfectly good on him in shot he had tried to cover his body as much as he could, I guess or he be he had felt the winter very severely.. Clock strict seven and I was supposed to make my way to home now. I slowly cleared my voice, hue hue…after few second he was turned his face towards me. ‘Time to go home, thanks for the coffee’ I said looking at his eyes and I felt our eyes met once again, though I tried hard not to make it happen. I made my way towards the out way.
And as I walk towards the door I was at least expecting the word “thanks or bye” but none came and I felt, my heart was sinking away in pain.
After the chilly night which nearly left me freeze came the morning full of warm and brightness. Well day was as usually blab la…but that evening as I entered the coffee shop, I eyes located the person and heart felt the presence of person, who even did say bye to me last night. I sat at the table in the next to the window, why had I suddenly felt I needed some fresh air to breadth. Well he was there waiting for me, it was kind of love in first sight, well I never belief such things did happen but how as I am entrap in it, I know people we true to say ´to fall in love is blessing’.

( my friend who met her husband which she still describe like filmy meet and which when she share brings smile over her red cheek with dimple shinning aside her pick lips, share me this story over my meeting in attending workshop, and she is celebrating her 1st anniversary in week to come)

Monday, June 18, 2012


* To dare through my last examination
* Awake from nightmare, realize it was just a dream and lay I head back to warm

pillion with smile.
* To get a call saying class is called off, when I would be cursing my class at 8.30

am and raining lashing upon my window glass
* To see an old friends again and to find things are not changed yet, we are still

best friends
*Try to hold my newly born nephew figure and get lost in his first smile
*Waiting for the call or message from your loved one when your alone and would be

missing them
*Ride on the High Way after the rain and perfume the earth fresh, purified from man’s

*Speak to the special one over the phone while standing in front of the mirror
*Try hard to count the star, lying beneath the sliver sky
*Get that hug from my Mom when I reach home after long time
*To fall in love, with the things that I always love to do and dream

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Now how much is too much for one…?

I start blogging a year back and I should say all bit proudly that I did celebrate my anniversary a couple of month ago. But for that I need to sincerely thanks many people, few for bringing me across such a wonderful people who encouraged me to write and blog till I came up with one and for other to keep me alive till the date. But recently I have been completely away from this world, I received many mail, comment regarding my blogging. Though, few but my friends and senior blogger still wanted to read my blogs. Every time they ask me to come up with one I said them I am busy, not getting time to write but recently over my conversion with one of my blogger friends I realized when had I last post, I visit my blog after long time, and as I check my blog, I was surprised to learn NOVEMBER, oie that is quit long time back now. That evening as I sat in front my laptop , I opened my folder named write-ups, I found many un finished articles running few lines and later lost, as I scroll down I wonder had I wanted to write than and what kept me away from finishing it up. Well I wanted to write and even gave a try but I was not able to do so, Over my writing I wanted to share my happiness, my pain, my difficulties but poor me I was sailing away from my passion of writing world though I still read but not my old friction novels but thick text book, with whole facts and figures. But now I want to write I can’t left to go in air, I couldn’t disappoint people who belief I would write though not very good hehhehehe…and no matter what keep me awake till mid night I will find time for my blog. And above all I don’t want to make this silly excuse, “I don’t have time or I am busy” nothing is too much for one it s just how you take in the things, it all you who matter for you and how you cherish what matter to you the Most. But for today this much, I am hearing the bell that caretaker just rang, so “class time”…