Friday, October 21, 2011

Thimphu …the land of survival

Home to thousand, Thimphu is most beautiful city in Bhutan. With its wide valley running north to south, along the dark blue river flowing by its side, gives ones a pleasure to live in the beauty of place. Giving one ample opportunity to have its view by, have to climb just a few miles up the hills, its call Buddha Point or in the centre what stand BBS Tower. And when spring makes it way into the valley of Thimphu, each road that connects one another, each centre and each path bloom with colorful flowers and green earth to fill ones self with blessing unseen but just felt. You walk down the town one fine sunny day, you fill richness of Bhutanese art and craft, which is reason enough to make you smiles and proud to say, ‘how rich my culture is and how beautiful is its arts’. With the tall building kissing the blue sky above and beautifully designed and color.

Thimphu the capital city of Bhutan and like any other city around the world is also driving by the force that, it’s the city of all dream to come true. I was fifteen when I first visited Thimphu with my parents. I remember the city with huge houses, street full of people and road look as if it was designed by the beautiful and different size cars. At that time, I wonder it could accommodate more people than this but I was totally wrong than, as when I visited Thimphu after completion of my plus two, a few years back. It was totally a different city than I have seen a couple of year ago; while I have marked the end of its expansion has given rise to many new infrastructures. No wonder I have at that, accept the fact that Thimphu was ever growing city like any other city around the world.

Well now I am getting closely associated with Thimphu, when I am staying here. Now my perceptive to look Thimphu has changed, than how I had looked it years ago. Today walking down the street I come across with different people, well here I am not talking about their fair complexion or height but what I am talking is people from different economic group. When we are back in school or college, what we dream of is big house, plenty of area for our kids to play around but lucky few are there who have this concession.
No matter, Thimphu has been home for people from all walks of life. It has given hope to all, has given aspiration for all to live. She is home for all those inspiring heart, who walks down the Thimphu valley to achieve something in life, too and better world to live for all.
And today I stand in the same fence, completing one phase of life I stand here to start one more chapter of my life, I am afraid I may also not get lost in this concrete jungle. I may be part of Thimphu in next ten or just in five years I don’t deny the fact but what has been concerning me at the moment is that after twenty years now when I look back to the time I have lived I don’t to say that yes I have lived my lives not my dreams. I don’t want to have this regret that I would have better live had I followed my heart than my mind. When I would live my life it should be worth remembering not just in decade but in times to come. Life I would had lived should be blessed enough to make me smile sometime later, happy enough to give me hope if I happen to fall sometime in life. Just living ones life for the sake of living doesn’t give you satisfaction one would be seeking in life. Well telling, so I don’t mean to say that people who are living here are not happy or their life is not recalling or celebrating twenty years now, but what I have observe in my stay here in Thimphu has given me some light as of how they indeed living their life. For the sake of their children, for best education for them, best medical facilities for them, perfect place to live and much more has in fact created this feeling in people living that there could be in fact no better place than this for them and yes they are true, this place gives you best of all, and a parents seek into their children happiness but amid of those happiness, lines the pain full story of many heart.

Thimphu which is growing city is also a city of opportunities, if you seek out, it has everything for you, if you have determination you got to achieve everything in life here. Its has never said no, she never say, ‘you can and you can’t’...its always say you can, if you try to your best....its always something for every heart that search on here....that what I have learnt in the recent time...and its city that has no limitation ...its grows everyday with every individual and with every hope and smiles..:):):)

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