Thursday, September 29, 2011

In between the dreams

What makes one alive is
His never dying dream
Which he holds close and dearly to her heart
No matter how hard his life treats him
He smiles, celebrates and lives on and on
As he still finds his dream alive in his thoughts
But now I doubt, on my own dreams…
Which always has been?
My reason to smiles and dreams beautifully
Alas! My dreams…
Which to me seem dying away in far horizon?
Flying miles away from me
Worry kills me
If I don’t hold onto it now
I will not be able to catch on it later
For tomorrow may be late foe me to live out
What I cherish now
For I want to live it now and always
Or I never had right to dream one
As I now fall the preys to the society
Or my own fate
Fate …
I said …are all written by one self
Its always pay you the
Price you seek out with heart filled with
Honesty, hard work and committed
But seem I had, lived my life
Over my false theory
Alas! …