Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life is what we dream of

The human heart has hidden

Teasure, in secret kept,

In silences sealed ; the thoghts,

The hopes, the dreams, the pleasure

Whose charms were broken if


Many a times in our life we come acros the situation, when we want somethings so desparatly but we are not able to get one. we leave it, in its own way...calling it will of destiny or game of fate. what so ever we leave

Than one day we relise that...had we taken little effort to make it happen than we could had have it...and than we regret all our life. But now why do we do so...its beacuse of fear that we will lose it or we realy do not deserve it...

i set to seach answer for those question may be i am too late but atleast i will be in peace that i did try onces...

or which answer i had left unread time ago...though my eyes were full of dreams but non i had actual. I heart is full of dream, long way to change the dream into reality...

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