Sunday, September 4, 2011

An account of most beautiful chapter in my life… “Hearty heart “

Many a times in life we tend to forgot what actual we wanted in life, what we had dreams of when we were of the age three. But things change different as one grows up. In the same way my mind was confused and heart in pain when I reach Thimphu after complication of my degree from Kanglung. Honestly when I qualified for the College in the year 2008, my parents first advice was I should have my percentage in 80s and 70s and to some extend I had made my self believe that I should not fail my self before my parents. But never knew the world that awaits me then had some many things for me, my world then was not just bounded in- between the four walls of my room or with in the books I would borrow from the library but indeed it was bigger then I thought it would be.
And now I am away from it, I am not holding on with high percentage but account of most beautiful chapter of my life…
When we think of College life, what stuck the student at first is fun, romances, least time for studies and no fear of teachers like we have in school days. And our illusion is further rooted with more colors as we are dam crazy followers of bolloywod movies. Dancing, bucking of class, to think one above all, no rules for you there. But when I join the College I was never influences by that charms, I knew my world would be simple, and lonely. But I was wrong there. Even I had some many things to do, discover, and to explore.
To some extend I have discover my self, have know my self better now than then. What hurts me, and what gives me happiness. I have learned to live life with both smile and tears. I have experiences the moment of life that I would never again would experience. I have known how it feels when you find one morning that your friend whom you had loved and cared most turns out to be Stanger. Those things really hurt, and I am glad that I have overcome it. Here I like to say that it true when we say friends are the mot important part of our life, no matter where ever we live or whatever we do. They determine our action, our mood and also the how we think. But doesn’t mean that one should be friend with only someone who is simple or else anybody can and be our friends. There should never be this line which distinguishes man from man and heart form heart. Anybody can be your best friend, a true friend. But only few lucky one are there who are actually blessed with this magic. And in search of this magic to happen in my life, I was actually learning about myself and about the life outside. And this mark as the way of how I discover my weakness and my integrity.
Hold on guys…!!! Now you might be thinking that my life then must be very boring but it was not exactly. I also have memories that I would never forget in my life and of course it was incomplete without my friends there. Have you ever gone for the class walk? No right… but my crazy mates, we went for class walk, walking all most ten kilometers and as darkness envelopes the fading light of the day, one would shout, “I am hunger” then as like decided we would get into a hut nearby and ask the owner to cook the magi for us. And surprisingly the magi cooked as plain as it would be, and latter fishing for few chilies added was tastier than one now I eat in well flourished restaurant. I still have that taste of that magi. And followed by lots of songs and in fact it was indeed shouting at the top one ones voice. But it was all the fun.

Well like many boys in College who are big fan of football, so were my class mates. They were not less then any one in the college and in fact more. It was not that all were complains but that love for the game brought them all together at the time. And we girls had no other way rather than shout for them and at the end return home hearten broken when they lost the game “better luck next time” would be all we could say at the time. But as life is full of surprise and magic can happen any time, so did it happen in the summer of 2010, surprisingly our mates reached the final and even won the magic. At the time I knew the charm of success so closely through the eyes of my mates. And followed by the picnic and than lots of ahsham juices, hahhaha!!!!! Well than few of us who would love to stay away from the circle of party with juice, would had great time, watching them grow wild, or be the different person that they were never before or laugh like they had never laughed before or cry like a child who is away from his/her mother. Or next time one would shout oie “switch off” bhaga mey dari … those cods were used by my friends and still we use it.
Along the fun, what most we enjoy was social work. Following the foot steps of our Lama Wangdi., we would reach any place which need our help, be it just the white wash of chortens that circle the monastery in the heart of kanglung or be it carrying the bricks and climbing the uphill in the construction of drastsang at the top of hill. I still remember Lama Wangdi cheating on me when he would add more bricks over my back. And would return home with content heart and smile over the face.
And through all those times I have lived I have collected enough I am going back home as a different person now. I have learn all that is needed to make a person responsible, honest, hardworking and in the whole a good human in the heart. Well now I know what it meant when I first reached College and my teachers saying “you all are now caterpillar but when you will going away form here you will be going as the butterflies” I laughed saying butterflies but now I know what it meant.
But what is most important to me was my friends, who were my family for whole three tears who were there for me each time I was in need of them…they were most wonderful people I have ever met in my life or will ever meet…


  1. your blog is interesting. If i may comment, please try to get a different background as it is a little hard to see/read your blog. Do not get offended with the comment as I am no expert here.

  2. thanks Sir Sonam for visiting my blog, and thanks a lots for your comment and your true...will do that...