Saturday, June 18, 2011

History is in Making

Drukyul the heart of Himalaya
Where man celebrates his smallest victory
And has no room of you and me
Equality and just mark the Way a life
Through the golden ray had written the
Celestial, virgin snow blanket the peak
Of mountains above
It the witness of
Hundred year of glorify we are witnessing
Blooming of blue puppies at the hill
Broaden its land below with sweet perfume and
Makes whole atmosphere blessed
Name of Bhutan has nested in far off land
Where man talk of his glorify
A wonderful he makes

21 February 1980, made his way down the earth
Smile slightly lay upon the lips of Bhutanese
And celebration at the heart full of love
As blessing was made, we were bestow with this dynamic monarchs
6 November 2008, long waited moments was over
He become the youngest reigning monarch
In the world
To guide the world newest democracy
With it thriving hard to strive among the world most oldest democracy
The challenge was one never seem in the history
And either had anybody ever face
But with profound faith in self
And with medieval traditional and Buddhist spiritual
He sail us ashore safely
From constitutional monarchy to the democratic constitutional
From the world of modernization
To the world of perfection
The sky above is the witness
For his success
The land he step turn to glorify
And in due course he become Princes Charming
Ruling the thousand heart over land and across the sea
And jewel for us
Who serve us with his humble and down earth simplicity?
Too precious to loss over

20th May 2011…with breaking of the day
By uprising golden ray from next horizon
Brought with it, the wonderful news for Bhutanese
The waited was over
He had paved the way to success his dynasty
The honest soul living inside her
Caught His majesty
Once again with his smiles came the another surprise
As he gifted her with most beautiful person
As her future Queen, stand Jetsun Pema as the our Royal Bride
So history is in making
Heart is at the prayer in silent
Lips are unbreakable with wishes flowing from heart
Innocent mind across the kingdom is counting the day down
The line…
Holy almighty in the distance
Shower the holy blessing and prayer
Over the our His Majesty
To accomplished his trade with love and
Prayer …rising from near and far off land
And cross the land of A Thundered Dragon
My hold my hand tight
Folded below the alter of holy divine
To bless my, our king with all heavenly love
Which is paving its way toward him in the while…
And history is in making…

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