Saturday, June 18, 2011

Value of words…by my teachers

ature had truly bless the day, the golden circle hiding at the heart of  sea, music of birds over me hurrying way back to home, and cool breeze that blow  by me taking all my pain of the day made me feel blessed. That evening walking down the street I felt this was the most perfect day of my life. Everything was beautiful and it was as if like dream come true… as I walked ahead my eyes caught the figure unusually of other day. Someone was struggling hard to move and as I reach to it I was taken aback to see, an old lady laying on the sand and trying hard to get hold of her wheel chair. I helped her get on her chair and offer her my help. She said she lived in the nearby cottage, I pull her chair and we move towards her home. She thanks me and offers me a tea but as I walk busy I had to deny her offer.
From that day I never saw that lady and now it almost years pass. I got busy with my life and had hardly time to see for her though I wish to learn more about the lady. But time and situation never goes in the way we want. My life is now ruled by the bell on every hour, it rings once and I have to change accordingly. Running from one class to other with plies of books on one hand and attendance registered on other ahs been rhythm of my life. Now music that peace or gives me pleasure is not of birds singing or winds but murmuring of student thirty two student in the class. Each of them trying hard to learn more read more though people walking below the class might think that teacher is not controlling the class but fact is only I can understand. Through those unclear voices comes the tone of knowledge, they are receiving and music I am falling in love with. Going after a child in the class, narrating them fairy tales all in black and white. And telling them meaning hidden in those letters has become part of my life.
One day I was talking the lesson on value education and had asked each student to tell what they understand, surprising they come up with many good things. A story talking about value, incidents and many but a little girl sitting next to me narrate the story, and concluded the story saying that “ my mother still bless that girl who save her life that day, I wish to be like her”…for next few days I wonder about the story and wanted to know about her mother. Luckily I got to meet her mother and I was surprise to see the same lady I have met fifteen years ago on the road side. As she saw me, she wept and when she spoken than after, I would remember were my teachers who had in cultivated those values on me, though it has been years now she still well come me.
It was raining that evening. As I lay on my bed I wondering what actual had I done that day that lady is still so happy to see me. I suddenly remember word of my teacher “No matter how great or small your deeds are, all you have to do is, do it with love and respect” and may be that day I had done the same. Now when I look back, I vividly remember the faces, growing red and black and shouting hard from the front. No matter how naughty and careless we were in class, their lesson always had the deep impression over us. Each day made me wiser, and showed me way to my destination. People are true to say they are like candles; they consume self to light the way for his/ her students. And they had exactly done the same; they had given up their pleasure running after students to make us read during studies hours. Be there for us when we call for them no matter whether it’s mid- night or early morning. But most importantly they had taught me never to give up, face all situations willing heart and half the thing will be done. My life was not bed of rose, I fall many a times but each time I had enough courage to get up, I never loss faith on me and value I have received from my teachers help me keep walking and now I am here. When that little girl said she wanted to be like me, I smile I am g lad shgood and idle teacher is like a candle
because just like candle..,
it consumes itself to light the way for others...,
e like me but she actual liked the values I have in me gifted by my teachers and she wanted to be like my perfect Teachers as I long times ago aspire to become.
It was beautiful day next morning; dark clouds had gone far away from me, golden rising sun has made all things beautiful like it is. There goes Bell again and I have to follow my routine, I entry same noisy class again not to be frustrated or else but to enjoy rhythm of life in their smile…in their songs and I am glad I have it all my life ‘thanks’ I whisper silently…

I write this story to thank all my teachers who help me reach here today…

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